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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

U.S.E.D Bags!

Hello, buenos dias, and bonjour!!!

So Dan, Noah, Maggie and I are back in Victoria after being in Winnipeg for almost one entire month!!!! It's really nice to be settled back into our own home although of course we miss having so much family around!!! Noah has had a difficult time adjusting to the change and asking to go back to Winnipeg!!! As a parent, you always feel torn because you want to do the very best...to be the very best for your child and it breaks your heart when they are sad! That being said, we are feeling so blessed that we had the opportunity to visit with our Winnipeg fam for so long and we know that there will be many more visits in store!!!
Today has been a much brighter day for Noah so that makes mama and papa smile!!! We went to Elk Lake for some playtime and then Dan and I ran around Elk and Beaver Lake (Maggie ran beside us and I pushed Noah in the BOB stroller)...it was Dan's first time running around Elk/Beaver non-stop!!!! WHOOHOO! I was so proud and we ran it in a great time! Noah was like our cheerleader!!! Afterwards, we went to Dan's Farm where Noah got to feed the goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits! I bought a HUGE flat of raspberries and a ton of amazing, local, organic produce!!!! YAY! We then went home and I made these delicious wraps along with steamed kale and peas!!!

I wanted to share with you this AMAZING company where I bought a new purse/bag when I was at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. I came across this sign which read U.S.E.D and found these incredible bags made out of recycled seatbelts!!!! What's amazing about this family owned and operated Canadian company is that ALL of the seatbelts they use to make their products, come from vehicles that are headed to the landfill. They make all of their own bags and it's just incredible! You can check out their website to see more of their bag designs at: http://www.recycledseatbelts.ca/

I had been looking for a purse/bag that differed from Noah's diaper bag for nearly two years! I wanted to buy a bag that supported my lifestyle, would inevitably become a conversation-piece, and be something that I absolutely LOVED! If I am going to spend a little extra on something...it had better be LOVELY!!!
It makes me so happy when I can find local businesses that support our environment and are advocates for a better tomorrow! I feel really proud that I took the time to find a bag that I truly love and that is made of recyclable material too!!!! BONUS: It's so HUGE that I can store all of Noah's things too!!!!

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