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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hey everyone!

So for the next five months I will be posting from Vancouver, B.C...we moved into this cute lil' character house on Sunday and it's been wonderful so far! Dan and I don't really know Vancouver so it's been an adventure to wander the streets and stumble upon new discoveries! We brought our dog Maggie with us and she has enjoyed exploring too!

The first day we spent getting settled and walking to a local park. I also took Maggie for an hour and a half walk in search of food!!! We didn't bring very many groceries and when Noah was napping I thought that I would sneak out for a mini exploration and try and find a good vegan restaurant for some take-out! Well because it was the Sunday of a long-weekend a lot of cafe/restaurants were closed early but I really had fun walking down the city streets which was such a different feel from our Victoria neighbourhood! I did find a Whole Foods which we don't have in Victoria..it's only a 5 minute drive from our house or a 30 minute walk! It is so cool! We went back and bought groceries later that night and Dan and I were so giddy and excited by how vegan-organic-friendly they were! Not only were we able to buy lots of organic produce, but they also support local growers too so we were able to buy some local produce! YAY! We also bought our favorite tofu which is made on SaltSpring Island along with Ezekiel wraps and much, much more! The guacamole that I bought was amazingly delicious with a bit of spice!!!

When I got home I checked out their website and found that not only does Whole Foods have a lot to offer when you are looking for healthy food choices, but they also have a lot of FREE courses/classes!!!! Dan and I were STOKED to find that every Thursday evening, starting at 6:30pm (Whole Foods at Cambie Street), leaving from Whole Foods is a free run clinic. The clinic is put on by Endorphin Junkies which consists of local fitness trainers! You can learn more about Endorphin Junkies if you're living in Vancouver and/or interested by visiting their website: http://www.endorphinjunkies.com/ . Dan and I are going to take turns running on Thursday nights because it will be a great way to meet people, and explore the city!

While visiting the Whole Foods website and searching under Calendar I also discovered that they offer many free cooking/health seminars and they also have stuff for kids!!! Noah was so excited to find out that he can go and plant a sunflower seed there and take it home to help it grow!!! So cool! If you want to visit the Whole Foods on Cambie Street's website then you can by clicking here: http://wholefoodsmarket.com/storesbeta/cambie/

I found that some prices were more expensive than Victoria stores while others were cheaper. I like how they have special sales and how if you're needing a quick meal, they have a beautiful salad bar as well as ready-to-eat food (raw options too), which can all be bought by paying/weight! Although it's much cheaper to make your own salad and meals at home, let's face it: sometimes it's just lovely to go out and have something made for you that tastes delicious and won't compromise your healthy way of being either!!!!

After reading about the running clinic, I was inspired to venture out on my first Vancouver-run (since moving here)...so yesterday I embarked on an adventurous run! I ran from my house to the seawall which takes you on a beautiful run (as long or as short as you'd like), along the water! I ran about 15km which was longer than I usually run but I felt free and adventurous and wanted to explore while Noah and Maggie were with papa! The weather was hot and I couldn't believe how many fit and active people there were! Victoria has a very health-conscious community don't get me wrong...but I guess because we're now living in the heart of the city which is so much bigger than 'home', I was surprised to see so many people active among the big buildings! I also found that Vancouver has a huge artsy vibe! There are so many pieces of artwork placed here and there! It was fun to run through the different parts of Vancouver and feel different cultures and vibes!

So there you have it! My first post of our life while living in Van! More to come! xox

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