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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A little bit about Ally

I carry a HUGE purse... ha ha, it's true. Everyone always asks me where I'm going because it looks like I've packed for a week vacation. And yes... I did originally buy my humungous purse with the intent to use it as a carry on (which I did, on a trip to Victoria... but I fell in love). I LOVE to carry my life with me. Not only do I love to carry my life with me, I love to carry other people's lives with me. There are definitely a few items in here I don't use for myself (advil, kleenex - I never have a runny nose, bobby pins, mirror, antibacterial wipes...). Sometimes it seems a little insane, but I rarely even notice the size of my bag, and I just feel safer with it. You know? Like, if I have some sort of emergency needing coupons or two pairs of gloves... I will be there. Ok, that was a little ridiculous lol. Anyways... here is what I keep in my bag:

iPhone... enough said

Reusable bag in a pouch, two packets of tissues (one holiday themed, covered in candy canes), the crossword, my schedule, a purple hot drink sleeve (curtesy of lovely Jayanna from Tofino)...

Floss, wallet, sunglasses, green tea, book (Trust is Not Enough... I'll review it when I'm done!), pen, pencil, keys, oil blotting papers, Bulk Barn coupons, purse hook, antibacterial wipes, advil...

Reusable produce bags (see below!)

2 pairs of mitts!

Gift card to Lululemon, lots of lip chap and glosses, hand cream, extra SD cards (plus a camera!), awesome icelandic coin (curtesy of my cousin) and my Shapes gym card!

A mirror and bobby pins...

Gum and earphones (not featured... and extra set of earphones... how many is too many?)

Sweet mints... I LOVE peppermint

And the bag that carries it all!

It's a Lulu bag (5 compartments outside and 7 inside)

A great Christmas gift from my mom. We always use reusable bags for grocery shopping, but never think of all the produce bags we go through (we love produce). These came in a pack of 5. They are very light and easy to stuff into a bag, but stretch quite a lot, and are able to hold a lot of produce.

I though I would share a little something else with you... look at this pile of clothes! I was in a 'spring' cleaning mode and decided to go through my closet and purge clothing that I didn't need (that I've held on to for a while, but will never wear). There was a HUGE pile... but now I can fit all my new Christmas present clothes!

I think a call to the Canadian Diabetes is in order... don't you think? A large donation is about to be made...

What is in your purse?

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