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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas a la Winnipeg

Honestly... can anyones nephew beat the cuteness in this photo?

I think not. Pure tobogganing joy right there.

Here's a few photos from our wonderful Christmas holiday! Jay, Dan and Noah were able to fly in for a few weeks over Christmas and we had a blast!

Sisters :)

I may have had a tumble or two down the hill, but that was part of the fun! :)

Noah enjoying his 'first' Christmas (well the first Christmas where he was excited for Santa to come!)... he may have been a little overwhelmed after the first 5 presents, but he was still such a joy

Me and my papa...

... and mom!

Santa Alfie, myself, my brother Nick and his girlfriend Steph

Just us girls

We took Noah bowling for the first time! Ha ha and sometimes he even beat us! Ok, all the time he would beat me, sometimes he would beat the others :)

It was so sad to see them go! Lucky for me, I'll be seeing them in about a week! I'm flying out to Victoria over my birthday :)

I hope all of you had a Christmas filled with joy and family!

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