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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will the male veggies please stand up?

Random thought of the day. I was going through my orientation at my new job (as a youth care worker in a group home). We were going through the kitchen and he asked me if I was a vegetarian (which I responded... kind of?) and he said said "yah, with the girls who are vegetarian, they mostly bring their own meals". I realized that most people who aren't vegetarians/vegans often assume it's mostly girls who are. I'm not saying it's a horrible thing, or it's something we don't or haven't done ourselves, but it's an interesting observation.

Another observation is that a lot of people have certain views of vegetarians/vegans... have you ever noticed that? If I ever talk about my blog or about trying to be a veggie/vegan a lot of people kind of look at you like you're crazy... or you're one of 'those' people. Ha ha, well I didn't have anywhere to go with this, I just thought it was interesting.

So... will all the men out there please.... pretty please... stand up?

Have a great day everyone! I'm going to make some of that delicious peanut butter/tofu/stifry/soba noodle dish that Jay posted about a long time ago! Mmm :)

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