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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Family of Three will be a Family of Four!!!

I know, I know!!! I said that I was 'back' and then where did I go?!!! Well it just so happens that my husband and I found out a few weeks ago that we will be having our second child!!!! Yes, that's right! Not only have we been consumed with many emotions, but I have been consumed with extreme nausea!!! So you can understand that blogging about food and my high levels of energy isn't the first thing that comes to mind when battling the crazy hormones and nausea that can consume a woman in her first trimester! Some women experience these symptoms while others are very lucky not too! I think pregnancy is a beautiful, wonderful thing...I love being a mother to Noah and if I didn't have to go through pregnancy I would have a big family! I dreamed of what it would be like to be pregnant and for many women, it's a time where they feel their happiest and most beautiful...for me, it's just not! I don't want to scare off anyone because each woman has a very different experience with pregnancy! I love the final product!!! I love being a mother and obviously love it enough to do it again (and probably I will do it again once more), but I just feel awful when I am pregnant!!!!
With that being said, I know that this nausea will come to an end and I am banking on that! I went for a beautiful morning run earlier today and it was just what I needed! I felt like ME again!!! With my first pregnancy, I felt really nauseated in the evenings but this time around, the nausea is quite overwhelming all day long! I have found however, that I feel almost like myself for a short gap in the morning! Thankfully, Dan was home earlier today so that I could go for a much-needed run! I felt strong, fresh and happy again! It's so important when you're consumed with sickness, whether it be pregnancy or anything really, to find that little light at the end of the tunnel! I keep reminding myself when I feel so terrible that I am creating a beautiful baby and soul within me and that this feeling will pass and I will feel like ME again!
One thing that I have found is that pregnancy, is for me a time of reflection. I have noticed that I battle these little fears that are silly but I must share them with you bloggers and readers because it's honesty that opens our souls and let's us feel free!!! I have these little fears such as "will I ever get my pre-pregnancy body back?"...and "I don't want to become 'let go'..."....and "am I gaining too much too fast?"...and "Will I ever feel sexy again"....hahaha...see??!! We ALL have silly little insecurities that creep upon us and they can become something big if we don't acknowledge them...so I am being really open and honest...I am having these feelings!!!! But, I have acknowledged, addressed them and now I am putting them away and my goal is to enjoy this pregnancy (once the nausea leaves me), and I am going to search for balance! I want to maintain my fitness regime as much as possible, but I also want to take my breaks (sometimes they seem few and far between), to RELAX and enjoy the moment because Lord knows, two will be busier than one!!!!
So I will blog about food...yes I will! Be prepared...I'm sure that cravings will run through me like a savage beast soon...but right now instead of cravings, I am experiencing quite the opposite...almost everything that I have ever loved (such as berries, granola, salads, smoothies, fruit, cucumber), is off-limits as it will send me running!!!! Instead, I have to settle for (get ready for this mouth-watering food list), toast (blah), oatmeal (with no fruit or sweet loveliness), and bland, boring foods!!!!! So really, who wants to read a blog about how to make the blandest of the bland food?!!! So I promise that more exciting recipes will ensue once I am feeling more like ME again!!!!

Where I spend most of my day....jk....but where I FEEL like spending most of my days!!! I found Noah 'cleaning' our toilet the other morning....BAH! If only I can get him to do this when he's older!!!!

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