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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am welcoming myself to the blog world!

Whew, it has been a rough ride figuring out how to make this blog a reality. I know a lot about using the internet, but I don't know anything about making a blog... so I hope you like it!

Jay and I have been so inspired by other healthy living blogs that we thought how ama
zing it would be to start our own. It is a wonderful way Jay and I will be able to be connected with each other (as she lives in Victoria and I live in Winnipeg and talking on the phone isn't so easy while she runs after her 20-month old son, Noah). Not only will this blog inspire us to be more creative with our meals and even more healthy with our lives, we hope it will inspire anyone reading this!

Do you have a blog? Leave us a comment and we'll be sure to check out your blog!

We have a few labelled pages on topics that interest us (Beauty, Environment, Health, Books, Children's Books and Food) and we hope to update these more and more while we find our
old favourite books, recipes and products and while we discover new ones!

One of my first healthy eating recipe books (and most favourite!) was the Clean Eating books by Tosca Reno. Jayanna first showed these to me (she read about them in the Oxygen magazines) and I loved them. They are not strict diet books, but more a healthy way of living. She talks about sticking to the more perimeter aspects of the grocery store (eating more
fresh produce and veggies).... aka 'Clean Eating'. Her recipes take some great food, but changes the recipes into some healthy alternatives with using different types of ingredients in some cases, or cooking differently in other cases.

Tosca started with just one book and now has a multitude of titles ranging from recipes for families to just straight cookbooks! The one in this picture is the latest, my mom got it for me for Christmas! I suggest you check it out!

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