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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vegan Cupcakes

So while I was visiting Dan, Jay and Noah in Victoria... it was my birthday! February 10th I turned 23. The day was fantastic... we were too busy to take any pictures!

The day started off, as always, with a visit to Starbucks. We then headed off to the doctors (Jay has had horrible Vertigo/dizziness and needed to get checked out). Then we took off to Green Cuisine (my FAVE vegan place in Victoria to eat!) for some lunch. We walked over to Pink Sugar, an amazing vegan cupcakery in Victoria. It was the perfect treat. Noah got a mini cupcake and the rest of us indulged in the full-size ones. I had little tastes of the other flavours, but the Toasted Coconut was by FAR the best (the one under the Pink Sugar label on my picture). I was able to snap this picture the next day... after the birthday madness (yes, you will notice that cupcakes are pretty much all gone by then).

After the cupcakes we headed to the mall. Noah, Jay and Jay's brother Nathaniel played in Toys R' Us while I got my makeup done at MAC (thanks to Jay!). Then we went home, got Noah some food, played and Jay put him down to bed. Jay's mom, Sherry, came to babysit and off we went! We were deciding between Ferris' or the Tapas Bar for dinner. We parked right in front of Ferris' and headed in! We enjoyed some drinks, sweet potato fries, and I had a vegan sandwich and salad!

All-in-all... a great birthday!

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