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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vegan Marshmallows

Yes... vegan marshmallows. Jay introduced these to me when I went to visit her (I just came back... we were too busy having fun to blog! We took lots of pictures though... so many blogs to follow!).

These are SO good. I think they're even better than regular marshmallows (which contain gelatin, a vegan no-no). They are chewier than then regular ones, but still fluffy.

Jay held the bag up to her belly... apparently the baby is very excited about these Dandies.

And yes... we went a little crazy.

To be fair... we had just made the BEST vegan banana chocolate chip bread/loaf and were already on a sugar high (blog will be coming!)

Dan is very excited that these Dandies included his name... is Dan the secret behind the Dandies deliciousness? You will never know...

Yes... my status update from my phone... good times...

A nice healthy walk is great after a baking binge... stopping at starbucks for easy ice, half-sweet passion tea lemonades... maybe not the best idea... but a lot of fun!

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