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Monday, May 17, 2010

As one journey ends, another begins...

So our family has had a VERY busy week! I have been blog-deprived and writing blogs in my dreams but sadly was unable to make it onto the computer!

So I have finished my last practicum and I am finally a certified Educational Assistant! I am proud of my accomplishment of completing my courses while juggling being a full-time mother, supportive wife and working around my hubby's schedule! Now that I have completed my year-long course, I feel more motivated and inspired than ever to persevere and take steps towards achieving whatever goals I set whether they may be education-orientated or anything else for that matter! For my 'grad' present, my mother paid for me to run in the Oak Bay Half Marathon which took place yesterday (Sunday)! Dan and I had my friend Nikki's wedding on Saturday so we were up late and I was wearing heels! I was so impressed because at Nikki's wedding, instead of a cake they served Vegan Cupcakes!!! They were so delicious and I did a little research and think that they came from this cupcake shop in Victoria called Pink Sugar Cupcakery. You can check out their website at http://www.pinksugarcupcakery.com/index.html. The flavours that Nikki served were vanilla with coconut and chocolate with chocolate icing. Dan devoured the chocolate and said it was DELICIOUS while I had the vanilla with coconut (I have a slight coconut obsession)!!!! I swear it was the most AMAZING cupcake I have EVER had!!!!

I felt a little hesitant to run the next day after being out late but I had set the goal and I knew that my determination would carry me through the run...and it did! Not only did I complete the half-marathon but in record-time!!!!

Me post-run! Feeling nervous, tired but excited!!!

Just after I completed my run! I was feeling so proud and soooo GOOD! I was so thankful to have my family there to support me and cheer me on!

Like I've said before, I think when I run. I had a lot to think about too. I was reflecting on the last year and not only the completion of my course but my husband being accepted into the UBC-Island Medical Program, the move that my family will be making to Vancouver in August, and many other things. I ran the half-marathon in 1 hour, 51 minutes! This year, I ran seven and a half minutes faster than last year!!!! WHOOHOOO! I was so proud!!!! To have my family cheering me on made all the difference and I really felt so much stronger and healthier than I did last year!!!

A lot has changed for me since last year. I wasn't a vegan last year, I was still recovering from having my son and nursing a lot more, I had been training less....we didn't know our future with Dan in school full-time and this year was so much different. With my vegan lifestyle and increased activity-level, I now feel healthier and more confident than ever before. I am so proud of my husband for being accepted into med-school (although no matter what, I would have stood by his side and believed in him until it was his time to get accepted). So what's in store for our family? Well it looks like we'll be moving to Vancouver from August 1st until mid-December and then we'll return to Victoria where Dan will complete his medical-degree at UVIC. We will miss our Winnipeg family so much but many visits are in store and who knows what our future holds! As for me and my education...I know that right now it is time for me to spend with my family and enjoy the moment and without a doubt, I will continue to take courses part-time and even though it will take me longer, I will finish school a little later but with a youthful positivity and high energy! Sometimes the best gifts are those that are not planned!

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