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Sunday, May 2, 2010

F is for Fitness!

Fitness is fun for all ages! Noah loves to work-out with Dan and I! Here he is in his 'downward dog' pose!!!

Being fit happens from the inside, out! I love eating and living a healthy lifestyle and I constantly find inspiration in my family, friends, strangers, and books. When I look at my son, he inspires me to be kinder to myself and be my personal best always so that I can be all that I want to be...a better mother, friend, wife and person who helps others and gives back! I want to spread my happiness and also learn a thing or two along the way!
I went to church tonight with my hubby and son and while I was reflecting, I realized that I want to work on my organizational skills, compost, and be more patient and have more faith (not necessarily in that order)!
It's so important to set personal goals and make sure they're obtainable. I have said this before but my 'break' away from my daily happenings is a good workout! I love to feel fit and I feel that I am slowly evolving into my personal best! Fitness has in a way taught me more patience, allowing me to embrace the journey and enjoy every step along the way. I dream of one day competing in a triathlon and after successfully completing my first half-marathon, I am looking forward to my second this month as well as running as part of a team with my hubby's family/friends in a full-marathon in June! By joining an event or making a workout 'date' with a friend or partner (today my running buddy was my dog), you will more likely follow through with your plans and you will feel such a heightened sense of pride and achievement!
With the warmer weather and increased hours of daylight, creates many new opportunities to explore the great outdoors! I find that running is a great way to explore as well as work on your fitness level and relieve some stress! I try to run 3-5 times/week, varying the speed and distances each time. A new favorite work-out of mine is to run until I find a good set of stairs and then choose a number in my head (before starting), and then make it a goal to run the flight of stairs (up and down), that set amount of times. I have no one to disappoint but myself...and I always increase the number and it's just the most amazing feeling when you've completed what you thought wasn't necessarily in you to achieve! I find myself imagining The Biggest Loser contestants and how strong and determined they are. I also think of my son cheering me on and pretend that I am encouraging others to 'pick up the pace' to match mine! It sounds silly and YES I talk to myself sometimes!!!! But it works!!!
If running isn't your thing or it's something that you're new too...just remember that you need to find whatever it is that you are passionate about and explore that, opening your mind to the endless opportunities it will present to you! I never loved running the way I do now...it's a journey! What has really helped me tremendously with my long-distance running is having a running belt with two water bottles attached (around my waist)...just having water with me motivates me to go further and reminds me that I don't have a reason to stop or turn back...I have water to re-hydrate me and that's comforting and inspires me to persevere. I also recommend getting running shoes that are properly sized for your foot. I went to Front Runners and the service was incredible. They looked at my feet and measured them properly and checked my arches and really asked what I was interested in...they then were able to make the best suggestions to really help me with what I was looking for. I would rather pay for good running shoes then to injure myself and have to take time away from my family and things that I enjoy!
In fitness, you really can do no wrong. Fitness is for everyone of all ages, and all shapes and sizes. Fitness is for anyone who has the common interest of being healthy and living a life full of energy and positivity!
These are ten of my favorite fitness activities (most of them just happen to be free too):
1) Running (obviously)...trails, tracks, bleachers, stairs, the beach or the road!
2) Hiking or walking with my family or friends!
3) Surfing (a killer work-out and you'll meet some of the coolest and most generous people)
4) Jillian Michaels DVDs....yes I said it...A DVD!!!! Don't knock it 'til you've tried them!
5) Circuits...jump rope, burpees, high knees, skaters..mix the cardio with some weight-training and you're good to go!
6) Have a dance party! We'll throw on some sweet tunes in our house and everyone dances!!! It's a blast, a work-out and a great family fun moment!
7) Swimming. Whether you go alone, with a date or with your children, swimming is an excellent, low-impact exercise that will make you feel like a kid again!
8) HOT Yoga (or any type of yoga for that matter)...I recently hurt my back and was feeling tight and sore all the time because I enjoy a lot of high-impact activities that are rough on my body...hot yoga is something that I've just been committed to over the past 2 weeks but my back is already better and I feel like it's helped my posture, patience and overall well-being tremendously.
9) Going to the park! Swing, go down the slide, do some cartwheels...play 'ready-set-go' or 'tag'....playing in the park is a great way to meet new people, share some laughs and be fit!
10) Rowing...in the warmer months, Dan and I will rent a canoe or kayak and paddle around the lake/ocean...it's romantic and a great way to feel connected to nature and one another. BONUS: It's a great upper body and ABS work-out! Whoohoo!

So enjoy your fit lifestyle as much as I enjoy mine and share some of your fun and fit stories with Ally and I because I am always wanting to try something new and seeking inspiration from YOU!!!!

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  1. wow jayanna, you really are so inspiring. i am looking forward to working on my fitness level to become a healthier/happier/more well rounded person!!!
    P.S. your blog ROCKS!!