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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hey all,
Just wanted to let you know of a great website that brings awareness to a variety of concerns that need to be addressed. Care 2 is an incredible site that provides a lot of information that can help you and your families live a greener life. They also raise awareness and have a lot of petitions available for signing on matters that are devastating and need to be addressed. It's so easy for us all to hear something and say "Oh that's so terrible", and then continue on doing what we do. But if we stop and take a moment to digest the news, research a little more, sign a petition or two, and spread the word in hopes that others will in a chain-reaction-effect, then we are taking small steps to change.
One story from the Care 2 site that caught my attention recently was the Gulf Oil Spill and it was titled 10 Horrifying Facts You Never Wanted to Know. Read it to learn more at http://www.care2.com/causes/environment/blog/10-most-horrifying-facts-about-the-gulf-oill-spill/
You can scroll down to the end of the story to sign two petitions as well.
Animals are becoming extinct and it makes me sick that gambling companies are making money placing bets over which animal(s) will become extinct first. Are we really all part of the same human race? How can people be so de-sensitized to LIFE?


  1. Yes yes yes! Amazing site, amazing people. It's just even so comforting to know there are others like us out there. Sometimes it feels like we who feel compassion for animals and the earth are aliens.
    I encourage people to check this site out every other day if they can, it takes only a few minutes to sign a petition, and we can make a difference. Even caring sends out loving energy into the world.

  2. YES!!!! I agree! Delaney, check out Alicia's Kind Diet when you have a chance and read 'Jasmine, the amazing greyhound'....it made me think of us and our walk! xox