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Sunday, June 6, 2010

BBC Series - LIFE

Life is beautiful.
Life is complicated.
Life is transformations.
Life is growth.
Life is survival.

My husband just introduced me to this new (to us) series by BBC called LIFE. If you haven't witnessed it for yourselves, do it! I've only seen the first episode but it's incredible, mind-boggling, fascinating and touching! How can you not respect our environment and the creatures that live on it after seeing these animals and plants and the ways they develop in order to survive their elements. David Attenborough narrates this series and his voice is just SO endearing and engaging! It took the crew over three years to film for this series and it's just AMAZING! A must-see! I'm not going to lie...I had my husband first watch it and then prepare me for any scenes that might make me cry!!! I know that animals die in nature and I understand and respect when it's done for survival but I just can't stand watching the animals when they look so scared and are trying desperately to survive and don't...it is so upsetting to me! It's a part of life and I get that...but I really and truly feel like the slaughter that humans do and the mis-treatment of animals is NOT part of life. It's cruel and completely unnecessary. Animals out in the wild kill only when they need too and it's for survival. A very very VERY long time ago it was necessary for us as humans to hunt and gather for survival but today most of us in this World could survive and even THRIVE on a vegetarian diet. When Indigenous people used to hunt animals a long time ago, they respected each animal and gave thanks and used every part of the animals, often burying their remains. They treated them with respect. Today, people abuse animals, take their young away from them, have them live in completely disgusting and cramped areas and deprive them of their natural habitat and family! It's awful. If a human treats another human that way, they are disgraced and penalized by the Law....how has the World come to this point where this has become a way of life?

Okay, I went OFF on a tangent!!!!
Clearly I am moved and passionate about this! I just love our environment and I LOVE animals! They need more voices out there that are not afraid to speak out and say this is NOT okay!
Aside from the animals, we could END world hunger by adapting a plant-based diet (spirulina and chlorella take up MUCH less space than the space used for livestock and are complete protein sources).

Okay, Okay! Back to BBC! Watch the LIFE series and you'll be mesmerized and encouraged to LOVE LIFE and share this world in peace with the plants and animals that were put on this earth with us!

Watch a clip on You Tube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBws4yj7W1A

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