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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Interesting Vegan Study!

I promise that I will write a much more detailed and exciting blog later on today but I am just running out the door with my dog!!! Like I said before, I LOVEEE the Care 2 Make a Difference website and today while I was reading my daily 'news' (it's my personal 'newspaper'), I stumbled upon this interesting article about a study which shows that vegans are more empathetic, neurologically speaking....I love the brain and how it works and I obviously love being a vegan and found this really interesting. Like the article, I'm definitely not thinking EVER that vegans are 'better' than non-vegans (I LOVE all creatures, big and small, vegan or not...except for those that are cruel of course!)...but I think it's definitely worth having a read and at the end it even includes some tips of helping to make the transition into becoming a vegan if that's something that interests you!

So check-out the article at http://www.care2.com/causes/animal-welfare/blog/study-shows-vegans-are-more-empathetic-neurologically-speaking/

I think this life is a journey for us all and although I have made the decision to make my personal journey one which includes me being a vegan, I understand that this can be a difficult choice for many. Instead of getting down and beating yourself up for not being something you dream of being, praise yourself for all that you are and all that you have done!!! For every small step you take, every small act of kindness, YOU are making a positive difference in this world and making this world a better, more inspiring place to live!

I am not perfect! Who is?!! I still buy clothes that aren't 'organic' and buy starbucks in to-go cups that even though I recycle at home are TERRIBLE on this environment...but I'm LEARNING and LIVING and TRYING! All you can do is TRY to make positive changes, to LEARN new things and be inspired enough to LIVE the best way that you can!

Have a great day and enjoy being YOU!

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  1. mmmmm....i made your pancake recipe for the first time this morn!!! soooo good! thanks for sharing!
    cant wait to check out that article about vegans...