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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A family Run and A new rendition on my favourite cookie recipe!

So today started off with a high energy family run! We were all pretty tired this morning since Noah has a cold and hasn't been sleeping very well. But I was determined to go for a run with Dan now that he has his new running shoes! So we laced up, poured tons of water in our water bottles (because it was HOT), and hit the pavement! I felt bad looking at Maggie (our dog)'s sad eyes, so Dan ran with Maggie on her leash while I pushed the jogging stroller with Noah. We ran a beautiful 30 minute route around the neighbourhood and by two ponds and it was just wonderful! I'm so proud of Dan for running the whole way!!! Whoohoo! Way to go babe! It takes determination and I know that when I first started running, I couldn't run for half an hour straight! So I am very proud! Noah loved the run too and while we were running he actually said "way to go mama, keep going"!!!! TOO CUTE! I couldn't believe it! Dan kept saying how energized he felt after our run!!! Being active if you have the opportunity gives you such a healthy and positive start to your day!

We had a really busy day of visiting family and Noah is still not himself, so we came home a little before Oma, Opa and Ally. I decided that it would be nice to make some cosmic cookies since I have been deprived of them!!! haha..jk...the food Oma makes here is DELICIOUS and I can't believe how accomodating everyone is towards my vegan lifestyle! We went to Dan's aunt's house for dinner tonight and she made a beautiful salad, 7-rice dish, and her daughter-in-law made a lentil stew and brought vegan bread!!! Dessert was an array of berries!!! YUM! So I definitely wasn't hungry but sometimes that's the BEST time to bake!!!

I made the cosmic cookies (recipe available on an earlier post), but I didn't add raisins, added more applesauce (3/4 cup), and I added hemp hearts! They turned out DELICIOUS!!!! SUPER yummy! So if you're experimenting with your cosmic cookie recipe, try adding something new or substituting!!!

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