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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comforts that remind me of HOME! Boon Burger Cafe

I love Winnipeg because of our family and it's so wonderful to see Noah just ENGULFED with so much love from everyone (especially Oma and Opa)!!!! Family means so much and it's hard when we don't have tons of family in B.C....although my closest friends are considered family to me!!!! I have really been missing the comforts of my home in B.C. that include visiting our local farms and getting local produce and going to Planet Organic! I really am finding that Winnipeg is behind when it comes to grocery stores carrying a lot of organic and local produce. There are fewer organic, vegan-friendly restaurants that I have been too. That being said, today I can happily say that I finally checked out the Boon Burger Cafe which is Canada's very first all-vegetarian burger-joint! Walking in reminded me of Victoria, Tofino and so many other cool and funky little places that I have only found on the West Coast before! It's a small place with two long bench-communal-style tables for eating. You order and pay for your food and then are given either a dinosaur or animal to wait at the table with....we had the t-rex...I was very pleased that despite the small space, they were very kid-friendly and had a small corner with blocks and books for kids to play...while we waited for our food Oma and Noah played.

The menu is simple but super healthy! They make their own bread and patties and these incredible sesame-potato fries. I ordered the Salsa Burger with maple-glazed yams and sesame-potato fries on the side! Why not indulge while you are trying out a new veggie burger joint?!!! I didn't order a side of their own special vegan-gravy but I heard via facebook threads that it beats the Naam in Vancouver's miso-gravy! So it must be good! In all honesty I'm not a huge gravy fan BUT I can say that their salsa burger was the BEST burger I have ever had in my life!!!! Hands down! The patty was made with mushroom and brown rice and I am determined to try and re-create something that may just resemble their patty-of-perfection...if only I knew how to make their vegan bun/bread!!!! In all honesty, I know that I could NEVER make anything that insanely good and it's probably a good thing that I don't know how as I would eat it too much....a burger that good should be enjoyed on special occasions so that each bite can be savoured and thoroughly appreciated for all that it is!!! They have a kids' menu but I had Noah share with me as well as giving him a side of pickles, cucumber and avocado. They were very accommodating to my requests! I loved the friendly staff, fast service, good food and ambiance! Of course the company of my hubby, son, mother-in-law and sis-in-law was good too!!! The only thing that I would change personally is have their condiments be organic. It would better suit that place. They used Heinz Ketchup which I'm not a fan of. I much would have rather dipped my fries in some Organicville Ketchup made with agave opposed to Heinz which is loaded with salt and sugar!!! I would definitely recommend this place and only hope that B.C. will open up a cool place like this soon! If only I had the means then I would!!! I know that start-up costs are much higher in B.C....but seriously, we need a place like that!!!! So I would give this place a 9 out of 10 (it would have easily been a 10 if their condiments were organic and their cups weren't plastic)...I already can predict that this place will be a hot-spot and I can see it expanding down the road to accommodate their success!
I will finish off by showing you a cute pic of Noah...he fell asleep after having such a delicious meal! I almost always put him down for his nap at home but after our busy day I just fed him to sleep at the cafe and it was so beautiful holding my not-so-baby in my arms and rocking him to sleep! So sweet and special!

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful day and I'll talk to you soon!

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