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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fresh Cafe!!!

Yesterday Dan bought his first pair of good-quality running shoes!!! Whoohooo! I am so excited to share my passion of running with him and to have 'date' runs together! We might go on a run together tonight after the heat and humidity isn't as intense...it was a HOTTT day today! Dan and I had our first date in Winnipeg since we've been here (this visit)!!!! We went to The Forks and walked around. We then went to Organza which is Winnipeg's cute organic market that semi-reminds me of Planet Organic back home (I miss how easily I can find organic and local produce in B.C....it's much more difficult here and Organza is not too close to where Dan's parents live)...I bought homemade hummus, a barley and artichoke salad that looks divine, a vegan brownie, 'power balls', green tea, hemp granola, dairy free dark choc. chips (so I can bake cosmic cookies), a vegan burrito, homemade bread and some produce! Whoohoo! When we came home from some much-needed time together, Dan and I found an almost-empty house...Nick (Dan's bro) was home (and it's his BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy b-day Nicholas), but he was busy so Dan and I decided to go for a bike ride! It was still HOT but it was SO MUCH FUN! We felt like 'kids' again! We pedalled around the neighbourhood and found some cute paths! The mosquitoes weren't vicious because of the HOT SUN so we just explored freely and found it fun, adventurous and kinda romantic!!! I am so in love with my hubby! If you haven't done so, bike or run around your neighbourhood or when on holidays because it's the best way to really explore your surroundings!

Okay, so enough with today's activities! Yesterday after Dan bought his runners, Dan, Ally, Noah and I went to Fresh Cafe which is this super funky character-style building. You can check them out at their website: http://www.freshcafe.ca/ for more info! They have a great patio outside to eat while looking at their herbs that grow around the cafe. They use their own herbs in their recipes!!!! We sat inside (next time I would for sure sit outside), and while we were waiting for our food, Noah and I explored outside and even tried some dill! The servers were SO COOL and this one girl even picked a daisy for Noah and let us rub these lemon leaves (citronella) all over our skin (a natural way to repel bugs). It was such a cool experience watching Noah walk through the plants and sniff the different herbs! They had lavender, dill, basil, mint, lemon, and I'm sure plenty of other herbs too!

Fresh Cafe is open daily from 7am-4pm and they serve breakfast, lunch and a juice/smoothie bar. The menu is quite small but they use some local/organic ingredients and are very accommodating to individuals who lead a vegan lifestyle! I chose the butternut burger which was vegan (yay) and it came with a lovely, simple side salad! Although they did not have a kids' menu, I was able to order Noah cucumber, and a delicious blueberry smoothie. So it was good! The best part of my meal may have been the dessert!!! I have mentioned before that it's hard to find a good vegan-friendly dessert for those times you're feeling that you need a little something extra! At Fresh Cafe they make their own vegan brownie and it was mmm good! It came without icing and it was melt-in-your-mouth goodness! YUM! Thankfully it was a delicious treat that doesn't occur every day!!!

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