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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boon Burger!


I don't know what to say, but I'm pretty glad I don't live close to Wolseley otherwise I'm sure a Boon Burger addiction would ensue. Jay and I knew we needed to check out this new Winnipeg joint soon (thanks for the tip Alex!) and today was the day!

This place is a super cute little veggie burger joint (pretty small inside with two large picnic tables... we happened to come at a pretty odd hour of 3 pm and had lots of room, but I wouldn't bank on having a place to sit down during meal hours) that just opened. I'm 'following' them on Facebook and have got a lot of information from there. It's just recently opened and had much more business than they expected, so due to that they have shut down every once in a while to up the staff and figure out how much they need to prep, but I'm sure that will just be during this beginning time. On their FB page they said they want to be open from 11 am- 9 pm every day of the week, but again, during this start-up time that is all dependent on how much business they have.

Their food is amazing. They have 9 burgers to choose from (even a Phish burger and a Thanksgiving burger!) and everything on their menu can be 'veganized'.

Here's the menu!

Dan (my brother) and I had the Boon Burger (mine was 'veganized'), Jay had the veganized Salsa Burger and my mom had the Buddha Burger. Most of us got the sesame fries on the side and a home-brewed iced tea! The burgers were fantastic (and quite large, so be prepared!) and the fries were delicious. Each burger had a side of pickle as well. They do take out and on their website it even says they have a 'bike-through'! They are the only entirely vegetarian burger joint in Canada!

The veganized Boon Burger (mine)!

Our home-brewed iced tea!

Their prices are very reasonable (~$6-8) and a few extra bucks for add-ons (fries, salad, vegan gravy, vegan poutine). These prices, especially for healthy, often organic, all-vegan home made huge burgers are amazing! They are also making more efforts to be environmentally friendly... straws made from corn!

They also give each order an animal (we were the T-Rex... others were lions, tigers...) and that is like your bills 'number'... so cute!

So... we think you should head on down and pick up a burger... right now! Mmm :)

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