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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Salad with Sprouts!!!

I'm pretty excited because my most beautiful sister-in-law (ALLY), is flying here tomorrow to stay with us for 12 days!!! We are going to take her to Tofino for her first time (my close-to-home paradise), and Vancouver! It will be a busy 12 days and then we are flying back to Winnipeg all together for a family-visit and I will run as part of a relay team in the Manitoba Marathon! Whoohoo! Anyways, with the summer approaching (really nice weather MUST be coming soon right?!!), I crave more and more SALADS! I feel awful because my close friend Delaney asked me awhile ago about where I find my sprouts and I didn't post an answer!!!! I told her though on one of our walks but I figured that I owed it to everyone to share my love for sprouts! I LOVE THEM! They are so delicious and there are so many varieties! I have been buying my sprouts lately from the Rootcellar but I also received a bag of organic sprout seeds so that I can literally sprout my own sprouts!!! I hear it's super easy but I've actually NEVER done it! Once the chaotic month of June has ended, I will try to do this! I'm excited! You can buy your own sprouting seeds at many places but I've seen them at Planet Organic lately. My mother-in-law sent me these as a gift!!! How nice is that?!!
I threw together the salad pictured above in a matter of minutes! I had leftover barley from the day before so I added that with spinach, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, tomato, and then I cooked some black beans, portabella mushrooms, garlic and green onions! I mixed it all together and drizzled my homemade maple-balsamic vinaigrette over it! MMM! I definitely recommend you give this salad a try and be creative! Add any of your favorite veggies!

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