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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A book for all ages! Presenting...Tails!

Who doesn't love a great book?! Well, I'm sure that some people don't, but I do! Specifically, I love watching Noah enjoy a great book! Of course certain books don't hold his attention and I find it amazing to see what his interests are and which books he wants Papa and Mama to read 'again'! Noah has quite the book collection! I've actually gone a little crazy and last time we were in Vancouver, Dan and I actually bought Noah a bookshelf which is now FULL...too full= no extra room=need to upgrade his bookshelf one day.

There are many amazing books that Noah enjoys but the first book that I really remember him LOVING was a book from his Oma! The book is called Tails and is pictured above! Not only is it visually appealing for small infants, but as your child grows, there are tabs you can push or pull which make the animals' tails move!!! Each animal has a place you can touch, with different textures and at the end of the book, there is a counting page which asks you to go through the pages again and count how many certain types of animals there are! It's incredible! Some books Noah has liked and moved past but this book is one that Noah still asks to have read and we always enjoy reading it to him!

Reading aloud is so beneficial for people of all ages! I still remember when my mom or favorite teacher read to me and how happy and comforted I felt! Dan and I enjoy reading together and we love reading together as a family with Noah. It's amazing how one book, can be read in such a different way, depending on the reader. When Ally visited us last, it made me smile hearing her read to Noah and it makes you HEAR the story in a different way than maybe you read it yourself! Each person brings something unique and special to the story-telling experience! Dan and I take several times during each day to read to Noah and he loves to curl up and 'help' by choosing his favorite book(s). It's a great bonding, learning and confidence-building experience for everyone involved! As a parent, you learn what your children's interests are, where they are developmentally, and helps you to feel connected! As a child, you feel nurtured, loved and learn while having family fun!

So today I am recommending 'Tails' by Matthew Van Fleet! All of his books we enjoy but I'll talk about another book of his on a different day! Happy Reading!

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