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Saturday, April 10, 2010


What is it about spring that gives us an urge to tackle new projects? Let me tell you, my list of projects for this spring are too numerous to even list, but there are a few that I am determined to get through.

Like I said before, I have a problem. Ok, well I have lots of problems, but one of them has to do with this project. I like magazine.... ok I love magazines. My life is a pretty hectic one, and as I think I will be a student for like, I am always immersed in complicated textbooks and assignments. When I read a magazine, it's like watching a really unintelligent tv show or movie (not that all the magazines I read are specifically unintelligent, it just has the same effect)... my mind turns off. That's why I love magazines, and that's why I buy them, but in reality they can have some pretty great stuff in them as well.

I buy mostly fitness magazines (Women's Health, Oxygen, Shape, Self, Fitness...) but also a few fashion magazines (In Style is my favourite, I have a subscription!). There are so many times that I read these magazines and see some amazing recipes or the perfect workout (Blast Belly Fat, Your Secret to Sexy Glutes... and so many more!). The problem is, I may not want to make that recipe next week, or start that exercise program just yet, and I buy them so often, I couldn't keep up if I wanted to.

So... my project. I am going to find every workout, recipe and more that I love from each magazine and put them into a binder (one for workouts, one for recipes) and categorize them! Yes... my massive amounts of free time and type A personality are coming to light here... but I'm excited! I started this project before I started renovating/re-doing my room and study room (I got all new furniture.... bed, dresser, bedside table, mattress, sheets, pillows, desk, couch....) and I haven't gotten back to it... but it will happen! The reason I think this is a great idea is because I really love buying magazines, and I don't see this stopping anytime soon, but what's the point of wasting my money and most especially wasting paper if I'm not going to make full use of them? Great workouts and recipes are timeless as well... soo woohoo!

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