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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Only time for a very quick post. I have been running around all day, picking up some fresh veggies and things from Organza and enjoying my grandma's 93rd birthday (yes... 93rd!) at The Pancake House (her favourite place) and I am about to meet up with a friend!

It is such a blessing to have a grandma who is as wonderful as she is. She is definitely getting along in her age (I think I reminded her about 12 times that it was her birthday on Tuesday when I saw her on Easter and each time she was as surprised as the last), but she is still with us and I am happy for that. It is amazing the family that has sprouted just from her. She had 5 children and from that many grandchildren (I am the youngest) and many many more great grandchildren.

We had a great time at The Pancake House. Grandma had the strawberry blinces (crepes
with cottage cheese inside and strawberries on top) as always (she's had that for the last 8 years I would say) and loved it. There weren't too many of us, my mom, myself, my aunt Marlene and Paul (who ordered like four dishes... just kidding... well not really... but that's ok... we love you Paul!), and my aunt Catheryn joined us later.

Here are a few wonderful pics!

Paul, grandma and Marlene! (Grandma has such a wonderful corsage on, thanks Marlene!)

Mom and I!

Mom had blueberry rooibos tea

Green tea for me as usual!

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  1. great pictures!!!How can you let others know about the blog???