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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fast, Healthy, No-Fuss Wraps

One of my all-time favorite end-of-the-week, fridge-is-looking-bare, easy meals is the WRAP! Who would have known that throwing everything leftover that's in your fridge, into an Ezekiel Wrap would be so delicious?!
I didn't have time to do our big grocery shop yesterday and we were all starving so I threw together these delicious wraps with our leftovers. I had leftover roasted veggies, leftover lentils (cooked with onion, garlic and balsamic vinegar in a pan for 10 minutes!), and leftover quinoa. I heated our wraps for 20 seconds in the microwave because Ezekiel wraps are quite tough and I prefer them softer (especially for Noah), spread some lentil hummus on each wrap, added the roasted veggies, lentils, and quinoa and topped each wrap with kale, spinach, hemp hearts and avocado (no avocado for Dan since he's allergic)!
They were SO SO DELICIOUS! The meal was made in less than 5 minutes and we felt great knowing that we didn't waste our leftovers! Dan and I didn't think that Noah would eat the wrap so we had other food prepared for him but he just wanted my wrap!!! He ate over HALF!!! Amazing! We all had so much energy after! We went to the park and ran and played for hours! So fun!

A note about Ezekiel Wraps: I choose Ezekiel wraps because of the high quality, whole ingredients they contain. Most conventional wraps that you buy contain corn syrup (even those that say 'healthy' or 'whole wheat'...especially those that say 'low-fat'), and hydrogenated oils. The brand that I buy of Ezekiel Wraps is Food for Life and the ingredients are organic contain organic sprouted whole grain wheat, filtered water, organic sesame seeds, organic sprouted soybeans, organic sprouted barley, organic sprouted millet, organic sprouted lentils, organic sprouted spelt and sea salt.

Alicia Silverstone recommends in her book The Kind Diet, throwing leftovers in a Nori Sheet but I haven't tried that yet!



  1. can you write the recipe for this wrap please?? : ) It looks so healthy!!!

  2. I just had a wrap this afternoon for lunch too! Amazing! I put in some chickpea hummus, mustard, spinach, peppers, cucumber and artichoke hearths! Mmm! Although I filled mine too much... a very very messy lunch. Then I steamed delicious kale and zucchini in braggs with hemp hearts!

  3. Thanks alot guys!! : )