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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

My hubby is studying for an exam so I have to write a quick post, but I wanted to say HAPPY EARTH DAY to everyone!!!
I had the privilege of spreading my passion for the Earth with the children I work with today at school. I brought in an amazing book that I found called
We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers - the characters were created by Lauren Child. This children's book is so amazing! I read it to the kindergarten class and they LOVED IT! They all got really into it and then we had a great discussion about the environment and it was really wonderful! The book is about a boy and his younger sister who wants to 'throw away' things that she doesn't need or want...her brother teaches her about recycling and then they get their school involved in recycling and they end up planting a tree! I really recommend this book!

After the book, we took the kiddies outside and played some reduce-reuse-recycle games and face-painted the Earth, 'Happy Earth Day', hearts and animals on their faces! It was so much fun! The weather was gorgeous and it really was so amazing to share something that I am passionate about with the kids! I really hope to encourage the schools I work in to start composting programs and recycle plastics!

Within our family, I started celebrating Earth Day early by going to Hot Yoga and using my stainless steel water bottle (no plastic), and I went for a long walk with Miss Maggie (our dog)...after a healthy breakfast, Noah and I went to Dan's Farm and brought our veggie scraps to feed the goats and rabbits!

This one goat 'Danny', gets so excited when he sees us coming and today he actually jumped the fence and tried to follow us when we were leaving!!! I had to 'save the goat' and put him back into the barn :( I wish that we could have a goat named Danny! Noah and I enjoyed a picnic together and this evening, Dan took Noah and Maggie to the park while I blogged and took a lil' break!

There are so many ways in which we can make this World a better and safer place to live. By cutting back on your intake of dairy and meat, you are reducing your ecological footprint and the demand for such products. You are also taking a stand for what's right and saying that you won't consume a product that is from an animal that was treated in an inhumane way. We can't place blame on industries for having all these products because we as consumers are creating the demand for such products. Every time we buy something that's better for our bodies and better for our planet, we are increasing the demand for a healthier tomorrow. I have to believe that every small change will lead to big change. I choose to believe that by spreading awareness and the word about health and ways in which we can be friendlier to our planet, we will be paving the path to CHANGE. My husband just reminded me that whenever we buy a product, it's like casting a 'vote' for that product. Let's choose better products to support! Here are 5 ways in which we can all make small changes that will really lead to big results!

1. Drive less. Walk or ride your bike to work or around town one more time than you usually would! Enjoy the scenario and the feeling that you will get by knowing that you are not only being active, but you are also reducing your ecological footprint and inspiring others to do the same! * Please watch "Crude", which is an eye-opening documentary about Chevron's oil debauchery in South America. It really pays to become aware of the products we choose.

2. Buy local, organic produce! When you support local farmers, your produce is the freshest and has retained the highest amount of nutrients then products that come from overseas. When you turn your back on pesticides and genetically modified foods, you are taking a stand saying that you are CHOOSING to eat REAL, fresh foods. If everyone does this, the usage of pesticides and herbicides and genetically modifying food will dwindle (this is my hope). When you buy local produce, it hasn't taken a truck, freight, huge amounts of oil to arrive at your dinner table. It's the way to go!

3. READ! Take time out of your day...15 minutes even to read books that enlighten and interest you. Books about being green, books about good and healthy food, fitness and relationships. This will all help us to feel our personal best and make the best decisions. When we feel good about ourselves, we are more likely to really focus on making the best choices to protect our planet and the people and animals that live here.

4. Don't use plastic! Plastic is harsh on our bodies since it's laced with chemicals (even when it says BPA-free, there are other toxic chemicals that are still present in the plastic), and it's hard on the environment as doesn't break down easily. One of the best wedding presents that Dan and I got was from Ally and she gave us these amazing Pyrex glass storage containers! It makes me feel so safe knowing when I store leftovers, baked goods, our lunches or dinners, in these containers, the food will not be absorbing gross chemicals! The bonus is that you can actually SEE what you put into the fridge or onto your shelves...everything looks more exciting and prettier when you can see what's inside!!!

5. Don't be afraid to post something that you believe strongly in! I have decided that if I inspire one person to make a small change, then I have done what I set out to do! I am not afraid of what people might think because all that matters is that I share what I believe in and what I am passionate about! I find inspiration in so many of my friends, family and complete strangers! My really good friend Delaney introduced me to this site: http://www.care2.com/
Delaney is one of those amazing, beautiful people that is just so sweet and passionate about the lives of animals and the environment. She inspires me always and together we have cried and laughed over many shared stories. I now frequently sign petitions, watch and read different documentaries and stories to increase my awareness so that I can be a part of spreading the word on the good and not-so-goods out there!

Lastly, I would like to share 5 documentaries that I really feel passionate about and think that you would benefit by watching them!
1. Sharkwater
2. America the Beautiful
3. Food Inc.
4. Crude
5. Flow: For the Love of Water

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

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