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Friday, April 2, 2010

Preparing for Easter

With a nearly 20-month old son and Easter Sunday just around the corner, my husband and I have been brainstorming how to celebrate this holiday with him. We want Noah to learn about the death of Jesus and also him rising again, but we also want to celebrate with the good ol' happy Easter bunny! We live in a society where many children think of Easter as a time where they get tons of chocolate!!! Where do we find that balance and can you? Yesterday Noah and I greeted the mailman and were thrilled to receive a package from Oma and Opa (my husband's parents)! Inside was a box full of treats for both Noah and Dan and I! YAY!

We were so excited and thankful and really feeling so blessed to have such a loving and supportive family. I have a feeling that Ally might have guided some of those goodies that ended up in our package but it really touched Dan and I that our family supports our quest to balance health and treats! We obviously received some chocolate Easter eggs but we also were given organic dark chocolate almonds (YUM), an Easter book for Noah, Easter egg-shaped chalk for Noah, sprouts, kale seeds to grow (how FUN!), some soap from the Rocky Mountain Soap Comapany, a Starbucks card (YAY), and some Lara bars. That package reflects balance which is what we strive for! There are some healthy good-for-you and feel-good treats as well as some indulging treats which you need too! So our Easter celebration started early and we are so appreciative and thankful for the thoughtfulness that went into making such a loving package! That brings me to today: Good Friday. Good Friday is to our family a day when we reflect and recognize the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It has been a solemn day and a day where we as a family have thanked God for giving his only son so that we may live. The book that Oma and Opa sent us is pictured below and it is really great because it tells the story of Jesus and his death but it finishes with him rising again and living among us forever which I think is what we will focus on with Noah now! On Easter, we are going to take Noah to the sunrise service that our church conducts every Easter Sunday on the beach! It's so amazing and although you feel tired getting up at 5 am, it leaves you feeling rejuvenated, thankful and it's such a great way to start your day! We will then have a yummy breakfast at our house with my mom and best friend Erin and Noah will do his first Easter Egg Hunt!

Any suggestions that are vegan-friendly for what I should make for breakfast?

I want to make something special and delicious...I am thinking of perhaps making vegan french toast with berries on the side and making a special drink concoction! What do you think about that? We are planning on filling plastic eggs with stickers and we also have a beautiful blue basket with a stuffed bunny Noah has been eying for awhile! I am so excited to watch him explore the house and just enjoy a day with our family! Hope you enjoy your Easter celebrations too!

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