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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday Night Sushi!

I was looking in my fridge trying to figure out what to make for dinner (I do my weekly shopping on Sundays usually...so the fridge was looking pretty bare), when Noah peered in, saw the one lonely yam sitting in the crisper and said "Mama, sushi"! It was decided! Sushi is seriously the EASIEST dinner to make...especially if you're a vegetarian!

Noah enjoying the sushi! Yummy nori! Next time, I hope to find an organic brown sushi rice!

It's fun and while the rice is cooking and the yams' are baking, you can play with your child (if you're a parent like I am), or do whatever multi-tasking thing pleases you! I have fun making sushi a family-affair! Even a 20-month old can help out in the kitchen! For instance, as I'm checking on the yams in the oven, it's Noah's 'job' to tell Maggie (our dog), to "stand back" so she doesn't get hurt from the heat! Noah walks to the furthest corner away from the oven and cries, "Maggie, hand back! Oven HOT"! It's so cute! He then tells her "Hanks" (thanks). Noah also helps me to pour the rice and water into the pot and helps to check the rice while it's cooking! He watches from his high-chair as I spread the rice and ingredients on the Nori sheet, roll it and cut it! Voila! It's that simple and a fun, family event! When I make sushi, I use raw avocado, cucumber and then I use baked yam (the way that you would make yam fries - slice yam in thin slices with skin left on. Spread some coconut oil over and oregano. Bake at 350' for 15 minutes, flip and bake for another 10 minutes). While the yam 'fries' are baking, I cook the rice. Refer to the back of the rice package but I brought the water to a boil and then simmered the rice in the water for 15 minutes (or until the water is all gone).

Dan loves to use these bamboo mats for rolling the sushi, but when I make it, I just spread each nori sheet on our cutting board, spread the rice over 3/4 of the sheet. Place whatever veggies I feel like in the center of the rice and roll up the sushi roll. I then wet my knife and cut carefully, dampening the knife before each slice of sushi is made. It's that simple!

By sprinkling sesame seeds over the sushi, you are adding some calcium and protein! Instead of using soy sauce which is really high in sodium, we dip our sushi in Organic Ville's Sesame Teriyaki Sauce which is made with Agave Nectar to sweeten (no added sugar).

You can steam some greens to go along with your sushi (I sprinkle these greens with hemp hearts for extra protein and omegas), and also boil some edamame beans! MMM! Enjoy your sushi and have fun with it! Top off your meal with some Japanese toasted brown rice green tea!


  1. yummmmmy! my mouth was watering as i was reading and look at the pictures. i never would have thought to put yams in sushi but i'm definitely going to try it!! do you get your hemp hearts from planet organic?

  2. I have bought Hemp Hearts at Planet Organic, but they are much cheaper ($3 cheaper!) at Lifestyles and someone else also told me that you can buy them for $12.99 (opposed to $15.99 at P.O.), at Pharmasave in Tuscany Village! They last quite a long time and are TOTALLY worth the price. xox