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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Family Fun and maybe a lesson or two!

It's the day before Easter and I am having a lazy day! They don't happen very often and I think it's my body's way of telling me to slow down and take this day to relax! So I had a bubble bath and read a few of my favorite books. Then Dan, Noah and I went to our favorite local farm: Dan's Farm! We brought our veggie scraps that weren't looking so hot to feed the goats and rabbits! I think waste is really terrible and I am trying really hard to brainstorm ways so that we throw away as little as possible! If we have any produce in our fridge that is not looking so hot (we usually don't since we eat it all!!!!), instead of throwing it away or even composting it, Noah loves feeding it to the goats and rabbits! They don't complain either!
I have been really loving the local produce I have been able to get at Dan's Farm! Today I bought kale, bok choy, yellow onions, frozen blackberries and eggs - all from their farm! It's so important to support the local farmers. I can't wait until Dan and I have our own house so that we can plant a garden...I will need a lot of help though because I am not garden-savvy! For now, I have my basil, oregano, rosemary and chives plants!!! Starting small!

After we left Dan's Farm we went into Sidney which has such a cute small-town yet touristy feel! Amazing little boutiques but who am I kidding...with a 20-month old, the most shopping I did was quick glances as I whizzed by! Noah kept me busy looking at all the airplanes that were flying by (the airport is very close by). We went to the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center since the weather was cold and gray and it was amazing! We have annual passes and have been several times but there always seems to be something new and Noah becomes more interested and involved with his continuous development!

Check out the website at http://www.oceandiscovery.ca/

I learned today that on Tuesday mornings at 10:30am they have a drop-in toddler time where they have someone do songs and stories with the parents and toddlers followed by a craft! The bonus is that the only cost is the entrance fee (toddlers are free and if you have an annual pass there is no extra charge!) We are definitely going to check it out too! Noah loved the touch station and he felt the starfish and sea anemone! The starfish are surprisingly more coarse to touch but the sea anemone are quite soft. What I really like about the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center is that there are always an abundant of knowledgeable staff on hand to tell you a new fact or show you something that maybe you hadn't seen before! I love that! Our family are really in love with the ocean and it's great to teach Noah at such a young age about some of the creatures that live in the oceans around where we live!

Something new that I hadn't seen before today was a pile of garbage with a sign explaining that the garbage was picked up around Sidney Spit! How disgusting! Noah pointed to it and said "Dirty garbage"...he's right. Why is it that we go to the beach to enjoy it's beauty, yet some people feel like they can just leave their garbage behind? By doing so, we are harming the homes of many creatures that live on the beach and in the water! We should always take out whatever we bring in! I was really happy to see the Discovery Center displaying the garbage as a reminder to be kind and also remember that even littering one small piece of garbage = adds up to a lot if everyone does this! Not to mention damages our environment!

So let's keep it clean!

If you don't live in Victoria there is another way that you can help clean-up and become your own local advocate! Through the Surfrider Foundation! Here is a quote from their homepage:

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.

I have been involved with the Surfrider Foundation (the Victoria Chapter) since 2005 and I really think it's an amazing organization filled with passionate, laid-back, and intelligent individuals. They are so warm and welcoming to all who join and you can really come and go as you please! Take part in whatever you are drawn too! I used to join in on their monthly beach clean-ups and stopped after I had Noah for awhile but now Dan and I are planning on bringing Noah now that he is old enough to walk and 'help'! I don't think you can be too young to start caring for your environment and when you all meet at a beach to clean-up and preserve it's beauty, you just feel such a strong sense of community and pride in your environment! Usually the beach clean-ups are followed by a surf session or hot chocolate or something fun so I really think it's a great idea to check one out!

Here is the Surfrider Foundation website to check-out:

To join it's $25, or $15 if your a student or $50 for a family and these are some of the personal benefits of joining:

All Surfrider Foundation members receive the following benefits:
-1 year's worth (6 issues) of Surfrider's award-winning publication, Making Waves
-Surfrider Membership sticker
-Surfrider Chapter contract and volunteer information
-For signups $100 and above, you receive a special Surfrider T-shirt

So it's definitely worth it to check-out! If you don't have the money to join, at least check it out and attend a beach clean-up or another fun event!

Noah's footprints! We love visiting the beach and we only leave our footprints! You can also do your own mini beach clean-up! Bring gloves and a bag and as you walk and explore the beach, pick-up some pieces of garbage! You will feel good about yourself and the birds and fish will thank you too!

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