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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Kind Diet!

Hello Again! I am so so happy to rave about my favorite book The Kind Diet which is written by Alicia Silverstone! You have to check it out! When I first started reading this book which my husband gave me for Christmas, I was perfectly content being a vegetarian. I had never even considered becoming a vegan as I thought that it would be impossible with being an active mother and quite frankly boring! Let me tell you how WRONG I was! Not only did Alicia's book inspire me to make the necessary changes to improving my health and making me feel better about the choices I was making for my health and the environment, but I have also never had so much variety in my diet! She writes the book like she is your best friend talking to you over a soy chai latte (that's my dream drink...so choose whatever makes your mouth water) and she just comes across as super chill, laid-back and non-judgmental...she doesn't sound like she is on a pedestal looking down at your every move and criticizing it...instead she laughs at how HUMAN she is and gets just as excited over treats as I do!!! She is not just an advocate for vegan-ism but also just for making small changes as every small change, adds up and makes huge positive effects and impacts on you and your environment!

She talks about her back-and-forth flirtations between being an on-and-off vegetarian and when she finally made the decision to become a vegan...it's incredible and I can't write enough great things about it! A definite read and it deserves a spot in your home! It is the book that I refer back to numerous times a week and the book I even take to read in the bath with me!!! I love it THAT much! I don't think that being a vegan is forever and I definitely don't want to come across as someone who judges those who aren't because I believe that everyone is on their own personal journey to being the best that they can be. My husband isn't a vegan and neither is my son. They are both vegetarians and I will love and support Noah with whatever decisions he makes regarding his diet as he grows! For me, the decision to become a vegan just felt right and I have never felt better! So check out The Kind Diet and let me know what you think! Also check-out her website because it is addictive and amazing too!


  1. Cute blog Jayanna :)

    This is my friend's favorite book - tonite we're trying the peanut butter pie recipe. Yummy :)

  2. awww thanks Holly! I love you! Enjoy the peanut butter pie recipe! So delicious I'm sure! Tell me how it is! Dan is obsessed with Peanut Butter!!! haha..xoxo