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Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter Had by All

An Easter filled with family, friends, some delicious food and love!

Vegan French Toast Recipe:

2 Cups of Almond Milk
5 tbsp. of spelt flour
3 tsp. of maple sugar
1 tsp. of cinnamon
Bread Slices (my favorite is the Three Seed Bread from the Wild Fire Bakery. They use their own stone ground flour and are certified organic! The Three Seed Bread has 7 ingredients only! No sugar, hydrogenated oils, shortening or any preservatives! If you don't live in Victoria, check around and find your own local bakery!)

Mix all the ingredients together and dip the bread in. We found that the bread soaked up the batter very quickly so have a pan or 2 already pre-heated at a medium heat with some coconut oil. Once the bread is dipped, place on the pan until the side that's facing down has browned. Flip until both sides are brown and then serve with your fruit of choice (we used strawberries) and pure maple syrup! Dan and I found that our vegan french toast took much longer to make then regular french toast with eggs. If you have any suggestions that can help cook it faster let us know! It took patience because we were used to making fast and convenient french toast but the taste was amazing!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Easter! We certainly did! Our day started early with an Easter Sunrise Service at Mt. Doug Park. Thankfully it wasn't raining and we went with my best friend Erin as well as my mom and our dog Maggie so that made the early hour more bearable! Dan and I agreed that we liked the service better when it was on the beach in Cadboro Bay but for some reason they changed locations this year. We followed the service by a delicious French Toast Breakfast and Noah was also visited by the Easter bunny! I wasn't expecting him to 'get it' as much as he did! His eyes practically bulged out of his head when he saw his basket sitting in the kitchen with this beautiful stuffed bunny in it! There was also a cute note from the Easter bunny which Noah thought said "Stop"!!!! Too cute! It actually read, "Thank you for the carrots"!!! So we checked the fridge and all of our carrots were gone!!! Noah was shocked!!!! He kept saying all day, "bunny, carrots, eat"! We then followed Noah around the house as he collected some chocolate eggs as well as these Crayola egg-shaped crayons (apparently an easier grip for toddlers and Noah loves them), and plastic eggs filled with stickers. Noah was so excited and it was just so much fun watching him on his first Easter egg hunt!

The great thing about these crayons, is that they wash off so easily! Noah drew on his Easter coloring sheet on the fridge and ended up drawing all over the fridge but it came off with one quick wipe so it wasn't a big deal!

I nap once or twice a year max (I would rather do a workout, homework or blog while Noah is napping usually), but yesterday we all napped! It was so great and we felt a lot better after that early morning start!

It was our friend's daughter's dedication in the early evening and we were torn whether to go and push back our Easter supper...we decided to go in the end and it was an amazing service and we felt so blessed to be a part of Sohanna's dedication!

We had a very late dinner at my mom's house but it was really nice for Noah, Dan and I to just relax with Maggie, my mom and brother! My mom was making a more traditional Easter dinner so I contributed by making Scarlet Roasted Veggies (the recipe is from The Kind Diet), short-grain brown rice, drizzled with Shoyu sauce and topped with chopped up green onion and parsley! I also steamed cauliflower and green beans! YUM! I was feeling bloated before dinner and crampy but after consuming such a healthy dinner and sipping some water squeezed with lime, I felt amazing! I woke up this morning feeling revitalized too!

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