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Friday, April 2, 2010

Nutrition Action

So I am all for exercise/fitness magazines... and I mean all for (Jayanna knows this... do not lot at the stack of magazines next to my bed), but I thought this was something different, a newsletter on nutrition.

My mother brought home this newsletter from her place of work (the St. James Street Medical Clinic). Another one of the doctors showed it to her and another physician, who has now recently subscribed and sent this one home with us. It isn't very long (obviously.... newsletter), but it is full of some great information.

One thing that is great, is that the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (they put out this newsletter) accept no government or industry funding and no advertisements. I think it's got some great information and instead of being just a general 'health' newsletter, it's focused on nutrition and as it states... 'CSPI advocates honest food labelling and advertising, safer and more nutritious foods, and pro-health alcohol policies'.

The newsletter is put out 10 times throughout the calendar year... and one can subscribe through their webpage!

Our family is thinking of subscribing... and so should you!

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