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Friday, April 2, 2010

Stop The Trophy Grizzly Hunt in B.C. now!

I was so disturbed tonight when I received an e-mail from the David Suzuki Foundation and read about the Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunt that goes on every year in British Columbia...a place where over half the population of Grizzly bears in Canada reside. I am so ashamed that we live in such a beautiful country, which is supposed to promote peace, harmony, and be a safe haven, yet we still are committing in-humane acts on animals...for what? We aren't killing them for 'survival'...we are killing them for FUN! What is with that? I can't wrap my brain around the fact that certain individuals find fun in killing animals. I also don't understand how the Government of Canada can turn a blind eye to this!

The is a quote from the David Suzuki Foundation:
Grizzly bears are at risk of disappearing or are already extinct in many parts of the world. British Columbia's wilderness provides one of the last global safe havens for these bears. Sadly, trophy hunting is threatening their ability to survive here - including hunting in provincial parks, where most people expect grizzlies to be protected. The government can change this by banning sport hunting across the province and turning provincial parks into true sanctuaries for threatened wildlife.

I am asking you to take thirty seconds out of your day to sign the petition saying that you want the government to stop the Trophy Hunt. You can access the petition by going to the following website:

Another great website to check-out is http://www.ecobc.org/stop_trophy_hunting_/

It makes me sick to learn that in April (now!) the government will open and allow the hunting of both Grizzly and Black Bears in the Great Bear Rainforest. These bears, who are just emerging from hibernation are going to be slaughtered in a senseless act for what? These bears are at risk of becoming extinct! Yet the government thinks that we can continue with this ridiculous and disgusting 'game'? I have never understood hunting since we don't live in a time where we need to for survival and there are an abundance of resources that are much kinder on our environment that we can use to fuel our bodies that don't involve slaughtering animals...but even the majority of registered hunters are opposed to this hunt! What does that say? I have always been proud to be a Canadian but this judgment by the government is so poor and such a disgrace to our Country! Right now I am NOT proud to be a Canadian and feel like we need to take a stronger stand to protect the wildlife that was here before we came and took over their land! Please help! I will try to end on a positive point.

There is a great wildlife conservation organization called Pacific Wild.Org that I learned about through my quest to learn more about the 'Trophy' Bear Hunt in B.C. http://www.pacificwild.org/ Pacific Wild.Org is definitely an organization to support and even see what other projects they are working on. Thanks for listening...

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