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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea Time!

I really love tea. I especially love green tea! I wake up and get excited to choose my mug-of-choice and make a satisfying, energizing mug of tea! I don't drink coffee but I love my tea! During the day, I consume green and white teas and in the evening, my husband and I often share a pot of chamomile, pepperment, or rooibos tea (all caffeine-free). Noah even makes mama 'tea' in his play-kitchen! He knows that mama loves her tea (especially since Noah has never been a 'sleeper'...still at 20 months)...although Dan and I have started giving Noah chamomile tea and he seems to sleep a little better...fingers crossed!
There is controversy on whether you should drink tea or shouldn't...how much is good, how much isn't...but really there is controversy about pretty much everything in life! When I lived in China, I really fell in love with green tea and gained a huge appreciation with the different flavors and good-quality green tea! The locals would socially sit around and sip these tiny cups of green tea for hours! I got to take part in this experience and thoroughly enjoyed it! I am so jealous that my great friend Amy (who I miss terribly), is living in China and has access to all that amazing, loose-leaf, green tea!
Sometimes I buy loose-leaf tea but if I'm going to buy tea bags, I buy tea that is not only organic, but fair-trade. It's so important to support fair trade and know that workers are being treated and paid fairly. I have tried lots of packaged tea-bags out there and right now I really love the tea by the company Four O'Clock. They are not overly-priced and the teas go on sale quite often which is when I stock up!
As I have mentioned before, I have a terrible habit of going to Starbucks and getting a soy chai latte. What's worse than the cost is the waste that is produced from all the cups I have had. Even when I recycle them at home, a lot of energy is going into breaking them down and it could be totally prevented by bringing your own mug! I'm not going to make promises that I have totally converted and will never have a cup from Starbucks. This is my journey and each day I make an effort to take care of myself and my environment and be the best that I can be. But I am human and sometimes I will treat myself to a chai (delicous), but I will try to put my chai in my own travel mug! Lately I have been buying the Tazo China Green Tips tea and it's delicious! I don't feel that 'crash' or 'icky' feeling that I sometimes feel after consuming a chai. Another routine I have been becoming accustomed too is making my tea before leaving the house. Then I have something warm and comforting to sip on while driving! If you have any delicious teas for me to try let me know!
Green Tea Health Benefits: Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is a powerful anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants such as EGCG are known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and even better, killing cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. Green tea has been effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels. Brandan Brazier talks about green tea in his book The Thrive Diet and specifically talks about matcha green tea. Another book of interest which goes into detail about green tea and the debate of whether it can really help to lose weight is An Apple A Day by Joe Schwarcz. It's a really interesting read if you have the time. Basically he says that you shouldn't rely on a drink to lose weight. And I agree. It's a lifestyle and every small change that you make to better your health, and your environment will lead to a happier, healthier you!
I don't know it all. I don't even know a lot! I am just a girl who really is passionate about sharing my journey! I love health and have always been interested in learning more and more! I still am learning new things every day and I don't think that journey will ever end (I hope not), because I love learning and finding new inspiration in even the oddest of places.
Today I was talking to someone who is wildly smart and beautiful about her personal struggles and I was reminded of how far I have come and the passion was further ignited for me to do MORE with the knowledge that I gain. I want to spread my happiness, recipes, ideas and love to anyone and everyone!
So sip some tea and enjoy YOU!

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