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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Smoothie that will make you Smile!

As the weather is getting sunnier and we are getting fit in the great outdoors, there is nothing more rejuvenating and refreshing than a delicious yet nutritious smoothie! I love making smoothies with Noah because he 'helps' me and is totally involved with the smoothie-making process! I make my smoothie in the Magic Bullet which is AMAZINGGG! If you haven't heard of it, check it out at http://www.buythebullet.com/ Of course you can use a blender but I just find the Magic Bullet so convenient, fast, easy to clean and it has different blades and containers (for example Dan grinds his coffee with the coffee-grinder blade and I grind my flax seeds with it as well). The only drawback for me is that the Magic Bullet containers are plastic and our family is trying to steer clear from plastics as they usually contain BPA as well as other toxins that we just don't want to put into our bodies. We have a glass blender but I find that it doesn't blend properly and it is a huge pain to clean. So we currently are using the Magic Bullet which you literally just throw all of your ingredients in, screw on the bottom 'blade', place on the base and push down! This starts the blending process which takes SECONDS! Within 10 seconds TOPS, my smoothie is ready for consumption! Sweet!

So back to the smoothie that I love right now!

By making a smoothie, I am ensuring that my body absorbs all the nutrients fast and it allows me to chase Noah around the house, while taking care of myself and making sure that I am getting enough good-quality proteins, fats and carbs which re-fuel as well as heal my body after a work-out! Here is one smoothie recipe that you will love!

Jayanna's Purple Smoothie Surprise: -Serves 1

1/2 scoop of Brown Rice Protein Powder (you can use Hemp or Vega instead)

1 tsp. of Chlorella

1 tbsp. of Udo's Oil 3-6-9 Blend

1 small banana

Cinnamon (to your liking)

A sprinkle of coconut

1/2 cup Frozen Berries (I currently use Blackberries)

Almond Milk or milk alternative of choice (enough to cover ingredients)

Either 1 1/2 tsp. of brown rice syrup or 1 tsp. of pure maple syrup

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. If your smoothie is too thick, then add some water and blend once more. Enjoy!

A Note about Chlorella: Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater green algae. It is one of the best superfoods in nature and is environmentally-friendly since it is the fastest growing plant on earth, containing more chlorophyll and nucleic acid than any other known plant. Chlorella is 65% protein which makes it the most environmentally efficient method of protein production. With the high amount of chlorophyll in Chlorella, the protein remains alkaline. Chlorella can be consumed every day (1 tsp.) and provides protein, vitamins, minerals (it is a complete food), essential fatty acids and enzymes. Vitamin B12 often has to be supplemented in tablet form for Vegetarians, but it is found naturally in Chlorella! It really is an amazing superfood!
A great book to read is The Thrive Diet by Branden Brazier. He is a vegan elite athlete...and he's Canadian! He is extremely knowledgeable and talks about nutritional stress and really goes into greater detail about certain supplements and foods. He is also the creator of the Vega Line, which is a great (but pricey..worth it though!) supplement.
I try to have Chlorella every day but make sure to have it every two days! The easiest way for me to have it, is by throwing it into my smoothie! I alternate between Spriulina and Chlorella but personally enjoy the flavor of Chlorella a lot more than Spirulina!

A Note about Udo's Oil 3-6-9 Blend: There are many great vegan-friendly 3-6-9 oils out there but I really am enjoying Udo's these days. I put it into my smoothies and never have noticed a taste.
The ingredients are Organic and the mixed tocopherols are Non-GMO (genetically modified) which makes me thrilled! Udo's blend is a mixture of flaxseed oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, rice germ and bran oil, soy lecithin, oat germ and bran oil, and mixed tocopherols.
It is relatively in-expensive and lasts for 8 weeks in the fridge after opening. The bottle recommends taking 2 tbsp. with meals but I have 1 tbsp./day and consume avocados, coconut oil, flaxseeds and other essential fatty acids throughout my day.

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